Roxy Sugar Baby Berry Backpack (Pink)
If you’re looking for high quality extreme sports fashion that’s just for the girls, then look no further than Blue Banana’s amazing range of Roxy clothing and accessories!

We stock a fantastic selection of the most stylish apparel from Quiksilver’s sister brand Roxy that specialises in surf, skate and snowboarding clothing and goods made just for the ladies.

Extreme Sports Fashion For The Girls - Roxy!

Roxy is one of the most famous brand names in extreme sports fashion, and has been delivering, stylish and high quality clothing and accessories for women for over two decades. After breaking away from its brother brand Quiksilver in 1990, Roxy has consistently delivered the goods for ladies that lead active lifestyles.

Whether you’re into surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding or perhaps just like to live life to the extreme, Roxy has got you covered with an amazing range of quality clothing and accessories with a feminine edge.  T shirts, hoodies, dresses, tops, jeans, shorts, backpacks, rucksacks – you can expect all this and more from this well respected label!

Roxy isn’t all about the clothing though, as they also produce a wide range of accessories and other goods. Backpacks, handbags, belts and even surfboards with feminine designs are all available, giving women an alternative to male orientated extreme sports fashion.

Quality & Stylish Clothing & Accessories From Roxy

Blue Banana has an eclectic range of accessories from Roxy that’s sure to please women that love the brand’s world famous surfer girl chic fashion. If you’re looking for a new bag for school then our Roxy backpacks are bound to catch your eye as they feature fabulous feminine colours such as bright pink and orange. You can’t afford to miss out on a handy little satchel bag either.

So if you’re a lady that lives her life on the edge then take a good look at Blue Banana’s incredible range of Roxy clothing and accessories, including fabulous backpacks and other bags that allow you to express extreme sports style with a feminine edge!