Akumu Night Owl Backpack (Grey)
If you’ve come looking for some unique clothing with a dark, quirky and even Japanese inspired twist, then you’re in the right place! Blue Banana has a fantastic range of Akumu Ink clothing such as t shirts, tops and more, including the best this exclusive new brand has to offer.

The Californian based Akumu Ink is perfect for alternative individuals looking to indulge their love of Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Japanese pop culture and everything a little bit dark and morbid. You won’t fail to make an impression wearing the exclusive tees of this amazing fashion label!

Don't Pass Up On The Nightmarish Designs Of Akumu Ink!

Akumu Ink was formed in 2008, with the name Akumu based upon the Japanese word for nightmare – which appropriately sums up the designs of their clothing. The artistic prints on their t shirts, hoodies and tops have a wide variety of different themes, but all have one thing in common in that they’re dark, quirky and totally awesome!

Inspiration for the amazing clothes of Akumu Ink comes from classic children’s stories such as Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard Of Oz and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.
Other sources of inspiration include music, Japanese pop culture and gothic themes such as skeletons and the occult.

Blue Banana has a wide sampling of the best Akumu Ink has to offer, with a great range of t shirts and vests for both men and women to enjoy. Each and every one has a unique and eye catching design and features skeletons, owls, Japanese schoolgirls and characters from Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard Of Oz. There’s such a great choice you’ll find it tough to pick a favourite!

Awesome Japanese & Horror Themed Designs From Akumu Ink

  • T Shirts & Vests For Both Genders From Akumu Ink
  • Japanese, Gothic & Children's Novel Inspired Designs
  • High Quality & Stylish Artistic Prints
So if you’re looking to wear something a little different, why not indulge in the nightmarish clothing of Akumu Ink and its wonderfully dark and quirky range of t shirts and tops at Blue Banana!