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Women's Petticoat Skirts

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H & R 20
H & R 20" Petticoat (Black)
You have probably heard petticoat skirts being called many different things – cancans, poufy slips and more – but no matter what you want to call these fluffy skirts, there can be no hiding the fact they add an amazingly sexy 1950s swing to any vintage dress collection.

While there is no exact science to shopping for petticoat skirts, you can do your chances of looking great the world of good by making sure to get the right length skirt for your dress. In our range you’ll find four of the most popular petticoat lengths to choose from:
  1. Short – these petticoat skirts end around the middle of your thigh and are usually between 10 and 14 inches long. We recommend wearing these with Halloween costumes and when you want more of a risqué edge.
  2. Knee Length – also known as mid-length, these petticoats end at your knee and are ideal for general wear.
  3. Tea Length – ending around the middle of your calf, these petticoat skirts are great for those 1950s vintage tea dresses and look great on a summer picnic photograph
  4. Long Length – these petticoats go all the way down to the floor and are a more formal choice, often worn as bridal wear.

Shop Any Petticoat Skirts Style For Less Today

When it colours to petticoat skirts colours, the easiest ones to find are undoubtedly black and white. We’ve mixed things up a little bit though, and you’ll be able to find 1950s styles in mint green, pink, red and even stunning pinks and purples. With great prices across our whole range, there’s no reason not to buy a great petticoat to match your dress today.

All of our petticoat skirts have wonderfully soft inner lining – and as you will know if you are a petticoat wearer, that’s the most important thing when it comes to staying comfortable while wearing one of these stunning skirts.

Pick Your Favourite Petticoat Skirts Today For The Ultimate 50s Swing Look

With a great range of alternative dresses in our range, we recommend combining one of our amazing 1950s style petticoat skirts with a vintage tea dress from the Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen or Banned designer ranges.

With great styles, low prices and the promise of lightning fast delivery from our dedicated team, you’ll have to think fast to secure your favourite style before someone else does, so make sure you buy online today.