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World Cup Contact Lenses

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EDIT 90 Day Flag Contact Lenses (Italy)
EDIT 90 Day Flag Contact Lenses (Italy)
Are you ready for the biggest sporting event in the world? Support your favourite nation with Blue Banana’s amazing selection of World Cup contact lenses. These cosmetic contacts feature patriotic styles perfectly suited to wearing during the international football tournament.

Our collection of World Cup contact lenses from Edit all feature national flag designs based on some of the most popular countries to be competing in the FIFA 2014 World Cup. If you’re a diehard football fan then these make the perfect accessory to one up your mates with!

Feel The Patriotic Pride With World Cup Contact Lenses

The biggest event in international sport is about to kick off and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with World Cup contact lenses here at Blue Banana! 32 nations will be competing for the biggest honour in football in the spiritual home of the sport, Brazil, and fans can get the party started by wearing a stylish pair of unique cosmetic contacts.

Edit have provided a wide variety of cosmetic World Cup contact lenses that feature patriotic national flag designs of the most popular countries due to take part in the competition. These include nations such as England, Brazil, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, Argentina and Spain. Football fanatics won’t be able to resist these amazing contacts that bring fan passion to another level.

Wearing these World Cup contact lenses makes a great alternative to the traditional shirt, face paint and flag to wave. Bringing the colours of the nation you support to your eyes is bound to fill you and other football fans with patriotic pride. If you want to go one step further with your costume, adding a pair of football contacts is the right way to go about it.

Support Your Favourite Nation This Summer With World Cup Contacts

  • World Cup Themed 90 Day Contact Lenses From Edit
  • Colourful Patriotic National Flag Designs  
  • England, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain & More
All of these Edit World Cup contact lenses are highly affordable as well as high quality. They’re good to use for over 90 days, meaning they’ll last for as long as the World Cup is on and even beyond. Even should your team exit the tournament early, there’s no reason to stop wearing them, as you can continue to display patriotic pride for months to come.

So if you can’t contain your excitement for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, pick up a pair of these patriotic contact lenses that any football fanatic won’t be able to resist. Whether supporting England or another nation, the party doesn’t start until you put on your footy contacts!