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Pasante Dotted Condoms (Pack Of 3)
Pasante Dotted Condoms (Pack Of 3)
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If youíre planning to go to a festival then make sure youíre well prepared by bringing along some high quality condoms from Pasante. These rubbers are bound to not only keep you safe from STIs and prevent unwanted pregnancy but also make your sexual encounter more pleasurable.

We offer a great choice of Pasante products at Blue Banana that includes a condom for everyoneís needs, whether itís ribbed or dotted for extra pleasure, flavoured for more fun or extra thick to avoid accidents. A pack of condoms from Pasante is one thing you definitely shouldnít go to a festival without!

Reliable & Safe Protection At Great Prices

Pasanate condoms are essential for young people attending festivals with a partner or intending to hook up with someone Ė perhaps unexpectedly. They offer reliable protection from all forms of sexually transmitted infections that can spread like wildfire between promiscuous youths, as well as preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Pasante condoms arenít all about the protection though, even if thatís priority. There are a wide variety of styles dedicated to making any sexual experience more fun and pleasurable for both partners whilst also keeping you safe from nasty infections and an unexpected bundle of joy that arrives in nine monthsí time.

The different styles of condoms to stock up on from Pasante includes ribbed, dotted and flavoured condoms for extra pleasure, the delay variety that helps you last longer, extra thick to reduce the risk of an unfortunate split and unique no latex condoms. With such a great choice on offer, thereís the right protection tailored specifically to you and your partnerís needs.  

Stock Up On A Festival Essential From Pasante!

  • High Quality & Affordable Pasante Condoms
  • Offers Effective STI Protection & Prevents Pregancy
  • Ribbed, Dotted, Extra Thick, Non Latex, Delay & Flavoured Condoms Available
Blue Banana has a great variety of different Pasante condoms to stash alongside your festival essentials, just in case of emergencies. Almost every variety you could ever want or need is available, including flavoured, extra thick, dotted, ribbed, delay and unique. Whether its security and safety you want or something that enhances the pleasure factor weíve got the right condom to suit you and your partner.

Donít get packing for a festival without adding a little box of high quality Pasante condoms. With a huge variety of styles to suit all needs, offering reliable protection and at highly affordable prices, you really canít afford to miss out an opportunity to stock up!