Minecraft Poster
Minecraft Poster
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Thereís no better way to celebrate your obsession with one of the most addictive and popular video games of modern times than with official Minecraft merchandise! We have a great range of varied gifts and goodies for fans of the blocky graphic indie game thatís taken the gaming world by storm!

Blue Banana has an amazing selection of Minecraft merchandise that includes hoodies, figurines, plush toys and even masks based on popular characters and enemies from the hit video game. Youíre sure to find the perfect treat for yourself or a special friend or loved one amongst this collection.

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Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world currently, appealing to gamers of all ages and providing addictive gameplay on many different platforms. It has blocky old school graphics and allows players to get creative by mining resources to create structures to protect them from enemies. Whether playing in survival mode or just crafting immense architecture, the game has captured the hearts of millions of gamers.

The hugely successful game was created by an independent developer known as Notch in 2009 and his little project grew and grew in popularity from a small base of dedicated fans until it was released on almost all major gaming platforms. The game has sold over 35 million copies worldwide to date and it has become a major part of both gaming and popular culture due to its iconic and original design.

The size of the Minecraft fan community has led to a huge demand for merchandise and other gifts, which is often based on popular characters and enemies from the game such as Creepers, Minecraft Steve and the Enderman. This merch includes collectible figurines, clothing, masks, toys and much more.

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Blue Banana has a great selection of official Minecraft merchandise for fans of the game to enjoy, including a selection of cube shaped character masks based on the Creeper, Enderman and Minecraft Steve. There are also vinyl figurines to display around your personal gaming space and even a Creeper zip up hoodie that allows you to dress like the iconic green hissing enemy.

All of Blue Bananaís official Minecraft merchandise makes a perfect gift for any gamer thatís addicted to the crafting and survival video game. These collectible goodies that allow you to personalise your gaming space and even dress like popular characters and enemies are irresistible and not to be missed out on!