Chunk Clothing Star Wars Comic T Shirt (White)
One of the freshest brands on our books, Chunk clothing set themselves apart as ‘effortlessly urban’, yet ‘distinctly British’, which is why they appeal so much to the UK alternative market. First formed and built in the London underground fashion scene, they’re now a world-renowned urban British designer label, with a reputation of developing quality, stylish and original designs.

Strong graphical designers combined with a unique humour and quirky twists on some iconic designs, Chunk clothing t shirts are loved by hardcore brand fans as well as those who’ve only just discovered this refreshing alternative label.

Chunk Clothing Deliver Stylish British Urban T Shirts

Known worldwide in conjunction with the fastest emerging street sport, hard-court Bike Polo, this link ultimately influenced the creative evolution of Chunk clothing. The underground fashion label combined with the underground sport back in 2009, leading to a kit collaboration with the Black Rebel Bike Polo Club, who happened to feature a Chunk designer on their team.

Developing from this connection, Chunk clothing was a prominent supporter and sponsor of the 2009 hard-court Bike Polo championship of Europe, held in London, the world event in 2010, held in Berlin. They’re also a sponsor of top teams including The Guardians of Seattle and Dead Rappers from London.

Regular Collections Are Guaranteed From Chunk Clothing

With four collections from Chunk clothing created each year, here at Blue Banana you’ll find the graphic t shirt collection that’s hot off the shelves of Chunk headquarters. If you’re looking for original designs but with a little bit of alternative flair, combined with that urban London feel, look no further than this awesome range.

Whether Chunk clothing is for you or not, we’re sure that there is something to interest any urban fashion fan, so if you’re not convinced but would like to check out the rest of our ranges, take a look at Criminal Damage, Innercity Clothing and Pets Rock to name but three of our innovative designer labels.