Che Guevara Red Face T Shirt (Red)
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Che lives at Blue Banana amongst our fantastic range of Che Guevara merchandise! We have a great variety of clothing and accessories featuring the image of the iconic Argentine revolutionary thatís become a symbol for rebellion and counter culture.

If youíre fascinated by the historical icon Che Guevara then youíre surely going to love what we have in store for you at Blue Banana. With t shirts, flags and more bearing his face upon them, you can rest assured no one will doubt your rebellious nature and political views.

Che Lives At Blue Banana!

Che Guevara was an Argentine rebel with socialist views and he was highly influential in the Cuban revolution during the Cold War. He had a lot of sympathy for the poor common man and hated capitalism and imperialism in all its forms. A highly intelligent man, but also violent towards those that opposed him, he has become a well-known symbol for rebellion and counter culture.

Many people know Che Guevara not only for his actions during the Cuban revolution, but also an epic motorcycle trip across South America, which shaped the man he became. His journal of this trip, called the Motorcycle Diaries, was made into a movie. An iconic photo of him, known as Guerrillero Heroico, has become a well-known image in popular culture.

Despite Che Guevaraís anti-capitalist views, after his death his image became a commercially sold product thatís featured on t shirts, posters, hoodies, flags and more. Those that respect his legacy and agree with his political views, or even those that just think heís cool, take pride in displaying his famous face for all to see.

Respect A Rebellious Icon Of History With Che Guevara Merchandise

  • Great Collection Of Iconic Che Guevara Branded Merchandise
  • T Shirts, Flags & More Of The Historical Icon
  • Perfect For Those With Rebellious Or Left Wing Views
Blue Banana has a great collection of Che Guevara branded merchandise for those with rebellious tendencies to get their hands on. This includes an awesome red t shirt with the iconic Guerrillero Heroico image on the front and two flags, one with the Cuban flag, the other in Communist red, which are ideal for displaying at home or during festival.    

Anyone that has a rebellious side and holds left wing political views will no doubt want to bring some Che Guevara merch into their life, and with all thatís on offer at Blue Banana, they wonít be disappointed. So if you think Che is one of the coolest figures in history, donít miss out on some awesome official merchandise!