Alchemy Gothic Artificer's Utility Kilt Pin
Alchemy Gothic Artificer's Utility Kilt Pin
When it comes to the best kinds of accessories to cover your clothing, hats and bags with, you can’t quite beat metal pin badges! We have all kinds of designs that are perfect for enhancing your look or adding a classic twist to an otherwise average outfit. If you love stepping back in time with classic looks then you’ll particularly love our selection of brooches.

When it comes to finding the perfect metal pin badges, you’ll find plenty of choice to spoil yourself with. From bands such as Black Veil Brides to games such as Angry Birds, you can be covered in all your favourite things. We even have some Victorian styled brooches that will suit even the most elegant of people.

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If you were looking for a small gift to get a friend or family member to show your appreciation, then these themed metal pin badges will make a perfect accompaniment to a larger gift or as a little surprise to be used as a stocking filler. Nothing makes people like you more quite like a gift, and in exchange your loved one will be burdened with loyalty for you.

Each of our metal pin badges have been made from quality made materials and an attention to detail that’ll ensure yours will last you for a long time to come, making them the perfect collector items. Whether you wanted to put them on your clothes or wanted to store them in a place where every can see them, we have the perfect styles that you’d be proud to show off.

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There are plenty of uses for metal pin badges as they can be placed on anything with a thin enough fabric. Some of the most loved places to place pins include caps, bags and fabric jackets, but these are also a collector’s items and our unique selection on alternative badges are the perfect addition to any collection!

Fans of music will particularly love our selection, but whilst there’s plenty of band merchandise in the form of metal pin badges, we’re not just a one trick pony of music gear! We have plenty of band related clothing, bags and other collectable items to show off your commitment to your band of choice. There’s no greater way to show off you’re love of a band then to collect their merchandise for all to see!