Pits & Bits Towel Off Waterless Body Wash 65ml
Pits & Bits Towel Off Waterless Body Wash 65ml
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If youíre lucky enough to be going to any music festivals, camping or going on an adventure, you wonít want to leave these hygiene provisions behind! Pits & Bits supplies perfect for those instances where showering everyday isnít feasible, but you still want to feel clean and fresh at an affordable price and with a compact size.

You never know when youíll want to have a spontaneous weekend away from the house, and thatís when youíll be glad that you have Pits & Bits supplies at your disposal. Whether it be because youíre camping away or if youíre spending the night in a room with no toiletries, youíll find that they save the day from body odours and grotty hair!

Keep Your Pits & Bits Pristine With These Fresh Feeling Supplies!

Because we know you donít always have access to water, most of our Pits & Bits supplies can be used without it, meaning you can freshen up whenever the mood takes you or you feel smelly and disgusting. Theyíre easy to use, simply spread over your body and dry yourself off with a towel. Ideal during those instances where thereís no clean water nearby or the facilities are crowded.

One of the best items in our Pits & Bits supplies and perhaps the one that women will appreciate most is the waterless shampoo. This gel can be applied to the hair and dried off with a towel with an end result that cleanses hair and breathes life into locks. Youíll find the results much more satisfying than with dry shampoo which can leave hair feeling frizzy and flaky, and will leave your hair with a satisfying scent.

Pits & Bits Supplies Are Perfect For Keeping Clean When Camping

You canít beat the fresh feeling you get when you use Pits & Bits supplies on a weekend away. Not only do we have no rinse shampoo and antibacterial washes, but we also have expanding wet wipes so that you can give yourself a thorough clean when you need to. Simply apply some water to the rolled up wipe and once it has expanded, use all over the body.

Whilst we have plenty of Pits & Bits supplies for that weekend away, itíd be a mistake to think this is all we have to offer you! We have plenty of camping supplies and equipment for the great outdoors that you wont want to leave the house without! From tents, bedding and cooking supplies, youíll want to check before you set off!