Converse All Star Kids Hi Top Boots (Navy)
£30.00was £44.99

There’s no better way to give your kid a treat then with our ultimate collection of alternative children's fashion! If you’re a fan of brands like Converse and Etnies then you can let your kid follow in your footsteps with our designer footwear! You can’t have a children's fashion selection without some quality brand shoes, and these ones will give your child all the support and protection that comes with quality products, rather than the cheaper and ill-fitting choices on the high street.

There’s no mistaking that little girls love to feel grown up, which is why we have lots of jewellery as low as £1 for them to wear with pride. You can’t have alternative children's fashion without some cute and quirky jewellery to spoil them with, and our selection has more than enough to get your kid excited over.

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If your child is partial to the world of superheroes - and who could blame them - then our children's fashion has just what you need to supply them with the most well known heroes around. There’s no mistaking that most kids will adore heroes such as Spiderman and The Hulk, which is why we’ve added lots of merchandise from these superheroes and more!

Because we know that you want your children's fashion footwear to last for the long term, we’ve ensured that they’ve been made from quality materials with an attention to detail that you won’t find anywhere else. No matter how much your child plays in them or gets them dirty as kids do, you’ll find that they stay together nicely and will last them for longer.

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When it comes to our selection of children's fashion, we wanted to fill it with quality items that won’t break the bank, which is why you’ll find our kids Converse and other well-loved brands at modest prices. We have plenty for both boys and girls, so no-one misses out on our awesome deals and quality pairs of converse.

Whilst we have your children's fashion needs sorted, we have much more to offer you and your child! We have plenty of toys and games that will make the ultimate present or treat for great behaviour. Our Vamplet dolls are adorably made but with a quirky monster appearance that children and bound to love!