Hickies Laces (Black/Grey)
£11.40was £14.99
This neon shoe laces range has all your funky and essential shoe accessories, creating a diverse selection of in-your-face designs and colours. Courageous and explosive our cool shoe laces will have people enticed in your unique look and inspired by the quirky styles. Ensuring we give you the best Blue Banana can offer, our neon shoe laces range has a variety of different vibrant shades and the florescent eye catching colours will certainly have people curious.

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Alternative Neon Shoe Laces

Here at Blue Banana we understand how important style is, so our team of experts have ensured that our neon shoe laces range has a variety of looks that you can explore. Not only exciting, these cool shoe laces are made to the highest quality, so that you can impress your friends and diversify your look for longer. This neon shoe laces range is growing all the time with new ideas and creations so there is no doubting we have more in store for you.

Affordable Cool Shoe Laces

At these unbeatable prices there is no reason not to invest in a wicked pair of neon shoe laces and with our high reviews and expectations we will give you the best there is to offer. This cool shoe lace range has everything you need to brighten up your footwear and give you an edge that will stop people in their tracks. Take a peek at our awesome neon shoe laces and you will definitely be happy with the selection we have prepared for you.