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Top Quality Skullcandy Alternative Headphones

When it comes to alternative headphones, we know that you’re looking for something different that will really make a statement. You also don’t want to give up the premium quality sound that you’re hoping to get from your headphones, which is why Blue Banana has such an excellent range of music technology. Whether you prefer your headphones to be overear or earbuds, we have a comfortable selection from Skullcandy, David & Goliath and Juicy Electronics that has something to offer. Skullcandy headphones are a known brand for their impressive design and quality technology, which is why we stock a range of their cheap headphones that can give you DJ quality sound with a look to match.

Get Alternative Headphones For Your Alternative Sound

Whether you’re into Skullcandy headphones or just something a bit different, we have the perfect range of cheap headphones for you. Our Juicy electronics headphones come with a unique scented appeal, bringing a whole new sense to your favourite music. We also have quality headphone provider JVC, so there’s a variety to be chosen from and all headphones have been tested by our team of music loving experts. Nothing makes your music come alive like a pair of decent and cheap headphones and when you bring in some alternative style to match, you’ve got the best music tech around for an excellent price!