Blue Banana Spiral Ear Stretcher (Green Bubbles)
Blue Banana Spiral Ear Stretcher (Green Bubbles)
A piece of alternative jewellery is the ideal way to set off any outfit, no matter what youíre wearing. Whether you love rings, bracelets or necklaces, youíre sure to find something in our awesome range that suits your style. And weíve even got top quality piercing jewellery too, allowing you to accessorise your clothes without having to go anywhere else.

Along with the basics and the ordinary, weíve got some really cool alternative accessories to make sure we cater for all scenes. Even if you donít like to wear adornments, we guarantee you wonít walk away empty handed after browsing through our collection. Encompassing the latest designs, styles and trends, the alternative jewellery range we offer really canít be beaten.

Amazing Alternative Jewellery Range

The alternative jewellery selection that we have to offer is perfect for those who like something different. If youíre bored of the ordinary, the boring and the simple you have come to the right place. We donít deal in these trends, especially with our piercing jewellery. Instead we give our customers exactly what they want Ė something that looks cool and helps them stand out from the crowd.

Bright colours and eye catching designs are what itís all about. You wonít find any boring pendants or wristbands here, only top quality products that have been designed with you in mind. On top of this, all of our alternative jewellery comes at incredible prices.

Funky Alternative Piercing Jewellery Collection

If you love alternative jewellery as much as we do, we can guarantee you will love our amazing range. Made to the highest standards and tested for durability, you wonít anything better anywhere else, no matter how hard you try. Whether you need some colourful piercing jewellery to show it off or some colourful, wacky bracelets to brighten an outfit Blue Banana has exactly what you need.

As if this wasnít enough, all of our items follow the latest fashions so youíre always bang on-trend. And we know that when you buy an accessory you love you wear it again and again, making it vital it lasts. With our selection of alternative jewellery you donít have to worry as it is strong, durable and wonít let you down.