Blue Banana 5pc Leopard Print Make Up Bag Set
Specialising in cool alternative accessories, our fantastic beauty cases collection is right at home at Blue Banana, with everything you will need to keep all of your make-up and beauty products in one place, guaranteed.

From bright pink to cool blue, every single one of our beauty cases comes in fantastic colours and stunning designs to ensure you will stand out from the crowd and be the envy of all your friends. Whether you need a cosmetic beauty box for work or just somewhere to organise your make-up, these cool and funky storage boxes are ideal. Best of all, every beauty storage solution we sell is covered by our very own comprehensive terms and conditions, allowing you to shop with greater peace of mind.

Funky And Alternative Beauty Cases Collection

When you buy alternative designed beauty boxes from Blue Banana, we can guarantee that every item will be beautifully designed and finished to perfection. Made from top quality, durable materials each of our beauty cases can be securely fastened to keep all of your prized possessions safe. Best of all, each of these nail beauty boxes has numerous compartments of varying sizes so you can be sure you will have space for anything you wish to fill your storage box with.

Every single one of the cosmetic beauty boxes that we stock have been tried and tested to ensure they are reliable and will give you years of loyal service. As well as being ideal for personal or work use, they can also be given as presents, full of fantastic gifts and accessories from Blue Bananaís extensive range.

Beauty Cases For Storing A Range Of Cosmetics

All of our beauty boxes, storage cases and keepsake boxes are ideal for storing a variety of cosmetics and other trinkets including:
  • Makeup and all related cosmetics
  • Nail polish and nail varnish
  • Jewellery, including piercings you arenít currently wearing
  • Money, trinkets and other items you need kept safe
So, if youíre looking for the best beauty storage around today, look no further than these stylish beauty cases, sent to you straight away with our lightning fast delivery service.