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Poizen Industries CG1 Steampunk Goggles (Black)

by Poizen Industries
Poizen Industries
£9.95   was £10.99

  • Style: Steampunk Goggles
  • Material: Durable, Hardwearing
  • Colour: Black
  • Trims: Large Optical Vision Lenses, Light Full Tinting Effect, Full Non Restrictive Eyelet Vents, Secure Goggle Seals, Elastic Flexible Headband, Strengthened Nose Band, Rustic Steampunk Design Detailing, Minimalist Pseudo-Victorian Influenced Goggles
  • Brand: Poizen Industries
These sleek Steampunk goggles are the ultimate addition to any serious and dedicated steampunks wardrobe. Created using science fiction, speculative fiction and cyberpunk influences, these Steampunk goggles ooze pseudo-Victorian mechanical style and dystopian rebellion.  Crafted from high quality, reinforced materials, each pair of these retro goggles are especially hardwearing, rigid and durable.

Be You With These Funky Poizen Industries CG1 Goggles!

Featuring high degree tinting, every pair of Steampunk goggles will look effortlessly cool and go with any outfit or scene you're in.  Complete with side non-restrictive goggle vents to add that air of technological oppression and prevent ‘steam up', these dark simplistic goggles are perfect for any event, occasion and function imaginable.

So if you're looking for rustic, cutting edge fantasy wear  to complete that unique expressive look, look no further than these Steampunk goggles by Poizen Industries today. Manufactured using resilient plastic moulding, minimalist vintage detailing and impact resistant forging, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them. Best of all, these fluid, sinister and stylish Steampunk goggles feature secure eyelet seals, wide optical vision and strengthened nose band.