Stargazer No 5 Blusher (Pink)

by Stargazer
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  • Style: Compact Blusher
  • Colour: Pink
  • Design: No 5
  • Trims: Compact Casing And Applicator
  • Brand Name: Stargazer

Healthy Look In An Instant Courtesy Of Stargazer

This Stargazer No 5 blusher is one of our most popular cosmetic items, its stunning shade and easy application makes it worthy for every personality who is enthusiastic about cosmetics. The pressed powder design ensures that with each purchase youíll be receiving an item that provides long lasting results, meaning you wonít need to constantly reapply and end up having to replace your blusher regularly. As a member of our Stargazer cosmetics range, you can rest assured that this cosmetic item is made from safe substances that provide long lasting results; thatís one less thing for you to worry about! So what are you waiting for? This Stargazer No 5 blusher is guaranteed to give you the healthy look you desire.