Stargazer Glitter Face and Body Gel 10ml (Green)

by Stargazer
£1.99   was £2.95

  • Style: Glitter Face & Body Paint
  • Colour: Green 
  • Volume: 10ml
  • Brand: Stargazer

Add A Shine And Shimmer Finish To Your Look With This Green Gel

With this Stargazer green Glitter face and body gel you can give your look an alternative twist for any event. Allowing you to create the look you want, this green glitter is perfect if you love giving your image an alternative edge. Easy to apply, you can add this green gel to your face or body effortlessly ready for any occasion. Its long lasting effect allows you to flaunt your desirable look throughout the night without it fading. The high quality of this cosmetic is unbeatable, meaning you will have a glitter effect like never before.  Donít hesitate and get your hands on this incredible green glitter and body gel from Stargazer now!