La Riche Directions Colour Hair Dye 88ml (Midnight Blue)

by La Riche Directions
La Riche Directions
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  • Style: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
  • Colour: Midnight Blue
  • Lasts: 2-6 weeks
  • Contents: 88ml.
  • Care Instructions: Always Follow Brand Instructions
  • Brand Name: La Riche Directions
  • For Best Results: See Instructions Tab

Be Mysterious With This La Riche Midnight Blue Hair Dye

This La Riche Midnight Blue hair dye doesnít just offer you a stunning colour but also it allows you to get that colour effortlessly. With easy to follow instructions and a simple application process, this Midnight Blue hair dye helps you to create the ultimate look with ease. The way it works is to ensure you can have this colour instantly without hassle, making you stand out in an moment.

The size of this La Riche Midnight Blue hair dye is 88ml, meaning that it has more than enough to achieve full coverage. This means that you can have a full head of Midnight Blue hair dye easily. Even though there is more than enough La Riche Directions hair dye to make you blue all over, you donít have to. You can choose alternative styles such as dip dye and streaks. No matter what you want to do with this dye, we know it is perfect for you.

This La Riche Midnight Blue Hair Dye Will Make You Stand Out

The best bit about this La Riche Midnight Blue hair dye is its insane colour. The vibrancy of this shade will effortlessly stand out no matter where you go, which means you will definitely have all attention on you. With this Midnight Blue hair dye you can ensure you have a stand out image that you and everyone else will instantly fall in love with.

Another great thing about this La Riche Midnight Blue hair dye is that it lasts up to six weeks. This means that throughout the summer holidays you can have insanely wacky hair! Coming from La Riche hair dye, you can be certain that throughout those six weeks it wonít fade fast ensuring that you can keep this style throughout the holidays. Made with only safe ingredients, you can re-use this hair dye without worry and keep the look for even longer.

Please Note: Hair dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour.