Stargazer Bleach & Peroxide Kit

by Stargazer
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  • Style: Bleach and Peroxide Kit
  • Contents: Liquid, Two Sachets, Instructions Leaflet
  • Care Instructions: Follow Leaflet Inside
  • Volume: 30
  • Brand Name: Stargazer

Prepare Your Hair For Extreme Colour With This Stargazer Bleach And Peroxide Kit!

With this Stargazer Bleach and Peroxide kit you can strip your hair of any unwanted colours and give your style a fresh look. This product basically gives you two for the price of one and with all of the quality you expect, allowing you to get the best result for your hair. Within this kit you receive two sachets and a liquid that you mix together to make your solution, which is perfect if you want a simple way to strip your hair. This will allow you to go wild with whatever colour you want. Even working on extremely dark hair, this bleach and peroxide kit is designed to strip even black. Full with enough solution to cover your head, this kit is perfect for all lengths, however we do advise that if you have thick hair as well as long, you may need to invest in two kits. Providing you with high quality hair care, stargazer has brought you a bleach and peroxide kit that will care for your hair whilst giving it the look you want.