Stargazer Semi-Permanent Colour Hair Dye 70ml (Plume)

by Stargazer
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  • Style: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
  • Colour: Plume
  • Lasts: 2-6 weeks
  • Contents: 70ml
  • Care Instructions: Always Follow Brand Instructions
  • Brand Name: Stargazer
  • For Best Results: See Instructions Tab


Be Bold With This Stargazer Plume Hair Dye

This Stargazer Plume hair dye has been designed with such vibrancy that you won’t be able to leave the house without getting noticed. This semi-permanent hair dye has been created with a boldness that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, which ensures you will get attention your way. If you want to show off how diverse you can be then this Stargazer hair colour is the choice for you.

Lasting up to 6 weeks, this Stargazer Plume hair dye has a long lasting effect that you will definitely appreciate. Obviously this semi-permanent hair dye will fade over time, but unlike other brands, you can trust that the process will be gradual, so you can flaunt that eccentric look for longer. Many people ask ‘how long does Stargazer hair dye last?’ and now you guys know, it lasts the perfect amount of time for the summer holidays.

Spend You Summer Looking Wicked With This Stargazer Plume Hair Dye

Containing easy to read instructions, this Stargazer Plume hair dye will definitely be simple to put on to your hair so that you can get that bold look instantly. With easy application, this semi-permanent hair dye is definitely the choice for you, ensuring you can get that look effortlessly. Try it out for yourself and see just how easy it really is and always remember to read all of the instructions carefully for the best outcome.

Made with safe ingredients, you can count on this Stargazer Plume hair dye to keep your hair healthy whilst you keep up with this colour. This allows you to use this semi-permanent hair dye again and again without worrying. Allowing you to keep that insane vibrancy for longer, this hair dye from Stargazer cosmetics is definitely worth investing.

Please Note: Hair dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour.