Eastpak Container 65 Bag (Black)

by Eastpak
£79.99   was £84.99

  • Style: Spacious Wheeled Duffel Bag
  • Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Black
  • Trims: 2 wheels, soft case, dimensions H38cm W65cm D34cm
  • Warranty: 30 Years
  • Dimensions: 65cm x 38cm x 34cm
  • Brand: Eastpak
For whatever your travel needs, the Eastpak container 65 bag will be perfect for you as Eastpak is one of the top names in the industry for luggage and bags. The bag comes on a set of wheels and an extendable handle, making it much easier for you to move your luggage if it’s particularly heavy. The Eastpak bag also comes with two sturdy handles and a huge amount of space for whatever you need. Eastpak bags come with an amazing 30 year warranty, ensuring that your luggage will never let you down. With lots of pockets to keep anything you want to easily access, this is an incredibly practical and useful duffel bag.

Designed for a Quick Getaway, the Container 65 Bag Can Hold All You Need and More

The Eastpak container 65 bag is incredibly versatile and can be used for a huge range of activities. Lighter and easier to use than a suitcase, this is ideal for using at festivals and other big events that we’re sure you have planned this summer. Purchase the Eastpak container 65 bag and you’ll also receive the Blue Banana service and delivery guarantee at no extra cost. This ensures that your Eastpak luggage will arrive quickly and in perfect condition. If you need some quality, secure luggage for any kind of journey then this is the perfect purchase for you that comes with 30 year guarantee.