Blue Banana Skull And Sword Style Belt Buckle

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Style: Skull And Sword Belt Buckle
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Silver
  • Brand: Blue Banana
Blue Bananaís Skull and Sword belt buckle gives you a custom belt that looks awesome in mere moments! With two cutlasses and a skull wearing a large pirate hat, this belt buckle can be worn with a huge range of trousers and shirts, giving you an excellent finishing touch to your outfit.  Pirate lovers everywhere should show their appreciation with this excellent skull and sword belt buckle!

Add This Skull And Sword Belt Buckle To Your Look For An Eccentric Edge Like No One Else

The buckle is large enough to attract attention but not so large as to actually become annoying to the person wearing it and is made of a hardwearing metal so you wonít need to worry about wearing it out. The metal is also bright and reflective so you donít have to worry about it going unnoticed while youíre wearing it out.

A great accessory for both men and womenís clothing, Skull and Sword belt buckle is totally versatile and is appropriate to wear to any number of events and occasions. Itís also great value for money and can be delivered sooner than you might expect within the UK. Show your pirate appreciation with this Blue Banana belt buckle and watch out for ninja supporters!