New Era The Incredible Hulk Reflective Baseball Cap (Purple)

by New Era Caps
New Era Caps
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For delivery on 8th October 2015

  • Vegan
  • Style: Snapback Baseball Cap
  • Fabric Composition: Cotton/Polyester
  • Colour: Green/Purple
  • Finish: Hulk Design
  • Brand: New Era

If you're a fan of classic superhero The Hulk, and the action-packed world of Marvel Comics, you might want to display it on your head with this official cap. The hero's unique powers of occasionally turning into a giant green rage monster have helped him in his struggles against such notorious criminals as Absorbing Man and Abomination. The face of Bruce Banner's Hyde-like companion occupies the front of the stylish purple design.

Never-ending in his quest to smash villainy into the ground, The Hulk is surely deserving of your cap-based support. Set yourself apart from the other superhero caps with this New Era The Incredible Hulk Reflective Baseball Hat!