Manic Panic Synthetic Glam Strips (Pretty Flamingo)

by Manic Panic
Manic Panic
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  • Style: Hair Piece
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colour: Pink
  • Trims:  Hair Fastening
  • Brand: Manic Panic

Do you ever wake up and wish you had pastel streaks, a multicoloured braid or a chunky slice of neon in your fringe? Want these looks without any commitment? Look no further than the Manic Panic 18" Glam Strips!

Available in a stunning range of funky colours:
• Pretty Flamingo 
• Purple Haze
• Shocking Blue
• Divine Wine 
• Electric Lizard
• Electric Lava
• Electric Banana
• Atomic Turquoise
• Cotton Candy Pink 

Manic Panic 18" Glam Strips are made from 100% synthetic materials, and come complete with a unique 'flipping comb' attachment that is 'invisible' when applied, the extensions look best when applied close to the scalp, allowing for the comb to be tucked under the hair. 
 From the specialists of 'guilt free glamour', these clip in hair extensions are certified as being Vegan friendly and cruelty free, you can experiment with your look to your heart's content, knowing you've made an ethical cosmetics choice.  

You can keep your synthetic Manic Panic 18" Glam Strips looking like new by following a simple care process:
• Never use heated styling tools on your extensions unless the manufacturer specifically states it is recommended to do so. You could melt the extensions and potentially ruin your styling tools, so make sure you always read the care instructions provided!
• Always wash out any styling products in cold water with a mild and gentle shampoo and conditioner. Allow to air dry whilst flat (i.e. On top of a towel on your windowsill or kitchen table.)
• Never use a brush or comb that isn't designed for synthetic hair. 'Regular' brushes and combs can be too harsh upon synthetic wefts, causing loosening and damage.
• Always spray your extensions with a gentle de-tangling spray and comb through prior to storing flat or in the pouch they came in.