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DC Comics Wonder Woman A5 Notebook
DC Comics Wonder Woman A5 Notebook DC Comics Wonder Woman A5 Notebook

DC Comics Wonder Woman A5 Notebook

by Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
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  • Style: Wonder Woman Notebook / Vintage DC Comic Jotter
  • Fabric Composition: Paper
  • Colour: Multi
  • Trims: Ring Binder / String Page Marker
  • Care Instructions: Easy to Use and Maintain
We love stocking up on super heroine gear for those avid comic book fans out there, and this DC Comics Wonder Woman A5 Notebook is just what any fan of the Amazonian warrior princess needs to add to their collection.

One of the most prominent features of this design are Wonder Woman lassoing a dinosaur because she’s that hardcore. How many dinosaurs have you seen Batman disarm? Exactly. This retro styled notepad is perfect for both fans of this heroine, and those who love to surround themselves with powerful female imagery.

Whilst Wonder Woman has the supernatural advantage, she’s one of the few powered heroes who would still be a threat if these powers were taken away, making her one of the most lethal good gals around. 

Whether you need this notepad for school, general note taking, memorabilia or short stories about women who are awesome, this is the perfect notebook to do it with. The old fashioned design which is reminiscent of early comic books also gives it that classic appearance that you’ll want in your life.