Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent UV Glow Hair Dye 118ml (Electric Lizard)

by Manic Panic
Manic Panic
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Manic Panic Hair Dye Lasts Up To 6 Weeks!

  • Style: Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye
  • Colour: Electric Lizard Green
  • Volume: 118ml
  • Ingredients: Vegan Friendly, PPD Free
  • Duration: 4-6 Weeks
  • Features: Glows Under UV Light
Give your hair a reptilian green makeover that will definitely make you stand out amongst a sea of dull heads courtesy of Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent  Electric Lizard Hair Dye. This luminous green shade of dye is great for alternative styles and brings out the uniqueness in any individualís personality.

Like every Manic Panic hair dye, Electric Lizard has a radiance that puts it above any other hair dye on the market. Itís these radiant colours and enduring effects that have made built the brandís impeccable reputation across the world and why we love them so much. This Manic Panic Electric Lizard hair dye will rejuvenate your style and even glows in the dark under UV light!

If going green sounds like it might be good idea, then make sure you do so with Manic Panic hair dye, because it has a long tradition of providing quality coloured hair in alternative fashion for decades. Youíll make your friends green with jealousy over your new hair with this unique Electric Lizard colour.