Rubies 2nd Skin Iron Man Jumpsuit (Red/Yellow/Black)

by Rubies 2nd Skin
Rubies 2nd Skin

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  • Style: Fancy Dress Jumpsuit
  • Fabric Composition: Polyamide / Elastane
  • Colour: Red
  • Care Instructions: Wash According To Care Label
Rubies 2nd Skin Iron Man Jumpsuit (Red/Yellow/Black).

It can be tough to come up with a good costume. All those seperate parts to track down or create, then you worry about it all falling apart when your wearing it. 

Just wear a 2nd Skin suit instead. It's all there in one piece, the whole costume. Easy right?

So next time you want to dress up like Iron Man, don't star trying to build a gauntlet out of cereal boxes, just slip into your Rubies 2nd Skin. 
Size Height Minimum (CM) Height Maximum (CM)
M 152 160
L 163 175
XL 178 191
Size Height Minimum (IN) Height Maximum (IN)
M 60 63
L 64 69
XL 70 75

How To Find The Correct 2nd Skin Full Body Jumpsuit Size

We know that purchasing clothing on the internet can lead to size mismatches, but not at Blue Banana. We aim to deliver you the perfect size every time!

In order to measure your romper suit size, you need to measure in three key areas and then compare them to the size guide above:

1. Height  – Measure down from your head to toe for a length guide.

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