Blue Banana Steel Circular Barbell 1.6mm (Silver)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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For delivery on 26th May 2016

Material: Steel
Size: 1.6x8mm, 1.6x10mm, 1.6x12mm
Colour: Silver

The Blue Banana Steel Anodized 1.6mm Circular Barbell is made from implant grade steel, making it suitable for initial piercings and healed piercings alike. 

The anodized steel coating gives extra durability, making this barbell a great choice for everyday wear. Though typically used in septum piercings, circular barbells are suitable for a huge range of piercings, from the auricle and the tragus to the snake bite and the eyebrow. Why not add one to your collection, a barbell as awesome as this one is sure to make you the centre of attention!