La Riche Directions Colour Protecting Conditioner (250ml)

by La Riche Directions
La Riche Directions
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For delivery on 1st June 2016

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Everyone knows that in order to keep the most vibrant dyed locks a strong colour, you need to use quality products. Thankfully, La Riche Directions not only produce bold coloured hair dyes for the strongest looking shades, but they’ve also created treatments to get the most out of your new shade. Adding the La Riche Directions colour protecting conditioner to your regime is the perfect way to seal in your hairs vibrant new shade for longer.

If you love dyeing your hair interesting colours then you’ll appreciate how this protecting conditioner will prolong your bold colour! There’s nothing more disappointing then awesome hair colour that fades quickly, so make it stick around that much longer will our dyeing treatments. For even better results start your regime with our La Riche Pre Colour Shampoo for a smooth and glossy base.