Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Colour Hair Dye 100ml (Peacock Blue)

by Crazy Color Hair Dye
Crazy Color Hair Dye
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  • Style: Semi Permanent Hair Dye
  • Colour: Peacock Blue
  • Lasts: 6-8 Washes
  • Contents: 100ml.
  • Edition: No. 45
  • Features: Peroxide Free, Not Tested On Animals, Conditioning Temporary Colour, Not Recommended For Clients With More Than 10% White Hair
  • Care Instructions: Always Follow Brand Instructions
  • Brand Name: Crazy Color
  • For Best Results: See Instructions Tab

Having Peacock Blue Hair Doesnít Mean You Look Like A Peacock!

Choosing this Crazy Color Peacock Blue hair dye for your look will give you the chance to experiment with a new style that you wouldnít even dream of considering. Going out of your comfort zone often produces the best results, if you stick to what youíre used to you might find yourself not as ecstatic with the results as you could be. One of the great things about this colour is that it is nearly impossible to overlook so if youíre aiming to stand out you know what to do.

With links back to the punk scene of the 70s Crazy Color is still going strong today; the Crazy Color Peacock Blue hair dye is a prime example of the diversity that the brand brings to the industry. It is very easy to apply and the fact that it doesnít take much time to do ensures you donít have to spend a whole day on your hair just to get the right colour.

Crazy Color Dye In Your Favourite Colour

This Crazy Color Peacock Blue hair dye has been tried and tested by our team of hair dye experts and they loved it, some of them are continuing to wear this colour today! So what else do you need to know? Pick up your favourite colour before it sells out.

Please Note: Hair dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour.