Crystal 5mm Glitter Ball (Rose)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Style: Piercing Add On
  • Ball Size: 3mm, 5mm
  • Colour: Crystal
  • Fits: 1.6mm Bar or Labret
  • Brand: Blue Banana

Bring your Favourite Colour to your Piercings with the Glitter Ball Add On!

With the Crystal 5mm Rose glitter ball you can personalise your piercing time and time again, tricking your friends into thinking you have got a new piercing done. The synthetic materials ensure that they are equipped to handle the wear and tear that your piercings go through, preventing any unfortunate breakages. The reflective surface of this particular add on gleams when hit by light, making there no reason for your piercing to be overlooked. So if you are looking for a new way to keep your piercing updated and relevant, then give this Crystal 5mm Rose glitter ball a try and enjoy the results.