Banned Panda Backpack With Speakers (Black/White)

by Banned
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For delivery on 1st June 2016

  • Style: Backpack/Rucksack
  • Colour: Black/White
  • Finish: Panda Print Design
  • Trims: Panda Eye Speakers, Universal Audio Jack, Detachable Panda Purse, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Pierced Panda Ears, Front Pocket
  • Fastening: Zip Fastening
  • Size: L33cm x H41cm x D13cm
  • Note: 3 x AA Batteries Required For Speakers
You can kill two birds with one proverbial stone with this adorable Banned Panda Backpack With Speakers. This special backpack is not just fit for carrying around all your belongings but also has in built speakers so you can blast out your favourite tunes whilst on the go.

The Banned Panda Backpack has a cute design that matches the endangered bearís look but its eyes have unique music making properties due to two speakers. The bag has a universal adaptor for all kinds of music devices such as mp3 players, phones and various other portable music playing gadgets.

This wonderful bag is not just a device for playing music out loud though, because it is a backpack after all. It has plenty of storage space and its unique design make it highly suited to those with a taste for alternative fashion styles and cute stuff. So if you need a little extra music and cuteness in your life, donít miss out on this exclusive Banned Panda Backpack!