Nirvana Nevermind Poster

by Nirvana
£3.99   was £4.99

  • Style: Official Band Poster
  • Material: High Quality Paper
  • Dimensions: 61cm x 91.5cm
  • Band Name: Nirvana

Nevermind, Just Pick Up a Nirvana Poster Today!

This Nirvana Nevermind poster features the most famous baby in the music industry, itís safe to assume that the babyís modelling career sky-rocketed after this job. This album in particular is considered a triumph of the 90ís punk scene, which is one of the reasons why the death of lead singer Kurt Cobain was so damaging to the industry. With a size of 61cm x 91.5cm, this poster is perfect for any wall in your house, giving you the chance to fill the blank space on your wall with a design that youíll love. So if you are a massive fan of this punk band and want to make sure everyone knows what your favourite album is, then this Nirvana Nevermind poster is exactly what you need.