Polished Titanium 1.2mm Internal Thread Labret (Siam)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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Size Guide

  • Material: Titanium
  • Gauge: 1.2mm
  • Length: 8mm
  • Features: Internally Threaded, Siam Crystal Detail
  • Colour: Silver

With  Strong Siam Colour, this Titanium Labret is Certain to Match Your Style

This tiny polished titanium internal thread labret stud comes with a 1.2mm gauge and an 8mm length. The smaller gauge than the standard 1.6mm makes it perfect for subtle lip piercings and tragus piercings, you can even wear it with a variety of ear piercing for a great body mod style. Not only that but this titanium labret stud comes complete with a red siam coloured crystal to give your body piercing extra appeal! Featuring an internally threaded design, where the thread is attached to the stem rather than the ball, this design reduces irritation when inserting your piercing and avoids trapping bacteria within the ball. Get your own internal thread labret stud today and love this gorgeous red crystal accessory.

Gauge / Thickness Conversions
Diameter Conversions
Length Conversions
Gauge Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches
18g 1.0mm 0.040" 10.0mm 0.400" 6.0mm 0.236"
16g 1.2mm 0.047" 12.0mm 0.472" 8.0mm 0.314"
14g 1.6mm 0.062" 14.0mm 0.551" 10.0mm 0.400"
12g 2.0mm 0.078" 16.0mm 0.630" 11.0mm 0.433"
10g 2.5mm 0.098" 18.0mm 0.708" 12.0mm 0.472"
8g 3.0mm
0.118" 20.0mm 0.787" 14.0mm 0.551"
6g 4.0mm 0.157" 22.0mm 0.866" 16.0mm 0.630"
4g 5.0mm 0.196" 24.0mm 0.944" 18.0mm 0.708"
2g 6.0mm 0.236" 26.0mm 1.023" 19.0mm 0.748"
0g 8.0mm 0.314" 28.0mm 1.102" 20.0mm 0.787"
00g 10.0mm 0.400" 30.0mm 1.181" 22.0mm 0.866"