Blue Banana Steel 1.6mm Segment Ring

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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Size Guide

  • Material: Surgical Steel
  • Gauge: 1.6 mm
  • Diameter: 8, 10, 12 mm
  • Colour: Silver
  • Suitable For: Lip (Multiple), Septum, Nostril, Eyebrow, Rook, Tragus, Daith, Forward Helix, Ear Lobe, Snug, Helix, Auricle, Orbital, Nipple, Genital (Unisex)
A steel segment ring is suitable for wearing in many different body modifications. From ears to lips and many other areas of the body, this 1.6mm segment ring offers comfortable style and an almost invisible method of closure. Instead of a ball such as a BCR, a segment ring has a portion of the ring encased by the pressure of the remaining size. This means that you must open a segment ring with a pair of pliers or other tools that can release the pressure on that segment.

Once in, a segment ring offers a smooth and comfortable exterior and the surgical steel material offers an appealing shine. 

Suitable for Many Body Mods, the Steel Segment Ring is an All Round Perfect Buy

At 1.6mm, this steel segment ring is comfortable to wear once your piercing has healed and is secure enough that you won’t have to worry about losing it or your piercing catching on things.

Segment rings are growing in popularity amongst body jewellery enthusiasts thanks to their sleek design and ease of you. Lucky for you that you can get this steel segment ring today at an affordable price from Blue Banana!

Gauge / Thickness Conversions
Diameter Conversions
Length Conversions
Gauge Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches
18g 1.0mm 0.040" 10.0mm 0.400" 6.0mm 0.236"
16g 1.2mm 0.047" 12.0mm 0.472" 8.0mm 0.314"
14g 1.6mm 0.062" 14.0mm 0.551" 10.0mm 0.400"
12g 2.0mm 0.078" 16.0mm 0.630" 11.0mm 0.433"
10g 2.5mm 0.098" 18.0mm 0.708" 12.0mm 0.472"
8g 3.0mm
0.118" 20.0mm 0.787" 14.0mm 0.551"
6g 4.0mm 0.157" 22.0mm 0.866" 16.0mm 0.630"
4g 5.0mm 0.196" 24.0mm 0.944" 18.0mm 0.708"
2g 6.0mm 0.236" 26.0mm 1.023" 19.0mm 0.748"
0g 8.0mm 0.314" 28.0mm 1.102" 20.0mm 0.787"
00g 10.0mm 0.400" 30.0mm 1.181" 22.0mm 0.866"