Vamplets Zombie Guinea Pig (Pink)

by Vamplets
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  • Style: Stuffed Guinea Pig Doll
  • Colour: Pink
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Height: 19.1cm
  • Trims: Embroidered Features, Black Bow,
  • Brand Name: Vamplets
The VamPET Zombie Guinea Pig is one of the most terrifying of the Vamplets. Her small size and fluffy image makes her too irresistible but we are warning you now, this creature is not one to trust. The only way you will be able to live with this nightmare of an animal is if you have the right equipment. The most important thing to get before you let this beast free in your home is sturdy iron bar structures that will tower over this unstoppable Vamplet. Just because sheís cute doesnít mean she isnít dangerous, so beware, the purchase of this VamPET Zombie Guinea Pig will lead to dreadful consequences.

Travelling In Packs, As Soon As You Release This VamPET You Will Regret It

If you are brave enough to bring this VamPET Zombie Guinea Pig into your life then letís get one thing straight. There is no stopping this 19 cm high creature. Whoever created her gave her the strength to stand against any forces, including you! The most terrifying thing about this dreadful animal is her ability to fool you.  Her soft and fluffy hair makes her irresistible to cuddle, but thatís when she attacks, so never let your guard down. If you really want this Vamplets Zombie Guinea Pig as a part of your family make sure you know what you are getting into!