Vamplets Wereroach

by Vamplets
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For delivery on 26th May 2016

  • Style: Stuffed Wereroach Doll
  • Colour: Purple
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Height: 19.1cm
  • Trims: Embroidered Features, Purle Fur, Black Antenna and Legs
  • Brand Name: Vamplets

This VamPET Wereroach will always find a way to protect any nightmare baby even if that means hurting you. Just because this Wereroach isn’t as dangerous as the females, doesn’t mean that he won’t attack. His loud barks will go off all through the night and they won’t end until your sleepless night has finished. He may seem cute and adorable but he is a fierce creature that will never stop until all nightmare babies are safe. If you think you can handle this loud and intolerable pet then we welcome you to the VamPET Wereroach because we don’t want him anymore.

The Protector Of Nightmare Babies!  This Wereroach Will Stop At Nothing

He has been created to protect, which is why this VamPET Wereroach has a strength like no other monster baby around. He will stand up to many forces, so we warn you now; only purchase this beast if you can live with him for an eternity. If you are thinking of taking on this overpowering animal, make sure you get protective silver earplugs, they are the only things that will prevent your ears from bleeding on those loud nights. You think you can handle this fierce creature? Then take this VamPET Wereroach off our hands now and prepare for an eternity of sleepless nights.