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Vamplets Rabid Rabbit
Vamplets Rabid Rabbit Vamplets Rabid Rabbit Vamplets Rabid Rabbit

Vamplets Rabid Rabbit

by Vamplets
£15.19   was £18.99

  • Style: Soft Toy/Plush
  • Material: Cotton/Synthetic
  • Colour: Pink
  • Trims: Polka Dot Bow
  • Size: 7.25 Inches
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash According to Care Instructions
Cuddling up to a VamPET rabid rabbit may mean that you lose a finger in the process but itís worth it when you look into the cute eyes Ė er Ė EYE of this zombie bunny doll. Stuffed with love and featuring a distinctively creepy design, we feel that you guys are the perfect crew to give this range of monster dolls a home. Straight from the Vamplets team, this VamPET rabid rabbit comes with fluffy pink fur and a cute bow on top complete with furry eyeball! This rabid rabbit monster doll may look a little different but we know that with love and affection it will be the evil minion youíve been searching for!

VamPETS Make Excellent Monster Dolls, Ideal For Human Adoption!

Give this VamPET rabid rabbit a home and youíll receive a cuddly and creepy zombie bunny doll. As always, the Gloomvanian Adoption Centre will not take any responsibility for damage or personal injury once youíve signed the agreement. Whether youíre in love with these dolls or know someone else who would be, these are perfect for the Halloween period and make great gifts for the evil genius in your life. For dolls with monster style and designs that you literally canít find anywhere else in the human world, Vamplets have now arrived at Blue Banana, so take this rabit rabbit before it gnaws our fingers off!