Vamplets Baby Mortis Van Kilt III

by Vamplets
£8.99   was £19.99

  • Style: Stuffed Zombie Doll
  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Height: 20.3cm
  • Trims: Contrasting Polka Dot Bows, Purple and White Polka Dot Nappy, Embroidered Features
  • Brand Name: Vamplets
You may think Vamplets Mortis Van Kilt III is the cutest zombie baby you have ever seen but donít let yourself be fooled. His strict diet is controlled by mindless hunger that will eat anything in its path. The only way you will survive the attack of Mortis is by staying prepared. Stop yourself from being a midnight treat for this little Vamplet by keeping fresh meat stored everywhere this little demon will go. But thatís not all you need to do for this terrifying doll, you must never leave this haunting animal unattended or else Vamplets Mortis Van Kilt III might strike out at an unaware visitor.

Always Be Prepared With This Flesh Eating Vamplet In Your Home

Standing at only 20cm tall you wouldnít think this Vamplets Mortis Van Kilt III could do much damage but he can. His unbelievable strength can take on anything you have in you, which is why we must warn you, once you buy this horrifying doll you will not be able to get rid of him. Heíll lure you in with his cuddly look and soft feel but beware; he has his dark side, which can strike at any moment. If you think you have what it takes to look after this mischievous and starving zombie baby then take Mortis Van Kilt III off Vamplets hands and bring him into your home!