Metallica Flaming Skull Flag
Metallica Flaming Skull Flag

Metallica Flaming Skull Flag

by Metallica Merchandise
Metallica Merchandise

  • Style: Official Band Flag
  • Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Black
  • Finish: Screen Printed Finish
  • Dimensions: 104cm x 76cm
  • Band Name: Metallica

Support One Of The Best Metal Bands Around With This Metallica Flag

This Metallica Flaming Skull flag will give you the chance to portray the bandís styling in one image, giving people an insight into whether or not their music will be for them. The band Metallica are known for their involvement in the rise in popularity of the thrash metal genre, making this flag an essential design for every music lover. With a size of 104cm x 76cm, this flag is the perfect size for decoration and its polyester construction ensures that it is capable of withstanding general wear and tear. So be sure to order yourself this Metallica Flaming Skull flag today so that you can showcase your love of thrash metal instantly.