Blue Banana PU Leather Gloves (Red)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
£6.95   was £7.99

  • Style: Unisex Fingerless Gloves / Rubber Leather Mittens
  • Materials: PU / Leather Mix
  • Colour: Red
These bright red Blue Banana PU Leather Gloves are fashionable fingerless gloves that provide glimmer, warmth and protection to your hands. These Steampunk gloves will marry perfectly with vintage outfits and alternative fashion scenes. They’re also great to use as a pair of badass driving gloves.

These PU leather gloves are both durable and stylish. They use four big holes that go across the knuckles as well as smaller holes formed on the fingers. This is used for added decoration and to provide extra airflow by venting out the gloves. For easy fastening you’re supplied with a strap at the bottom. Due to their fingerless design you’re also left able to control objects with nimble dexterity.

These leather mittens are great if you embrace alternative accessories and you’re keen to use quirky fashion items to enhance your look. These red Blue Banana Leather Gloves will keep your hands relatively warm for the winter months as well as going great with other leather clothing you wish to flaunt.