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Pack Of 3 Barbed Wire Gummy Bracelets (Black)
Pack Of 3 Barbed Wire Gummy Bracelets (Black)

Pack Of 3 Barbed Wire Gummy Bracelets (Black)

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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This pack of 3 black barbed wire gummy bracelets will give you instant hard rock style for minimal effort, and at a great bargain price! Each of these barbed wire bracelets is strong and flexible, and consists of two black bands wrapped with five awesome-looking barbed wire effect twists. Look great and impress your mates by wearing these as part of your favourite punk and alternative clothing outfits for gigs and rock festivals, or just for a night out on the town.

Sharpen Up With Jet Black Barbed Wire Bracelets

You donít need to worry about being scratched by wearing these - their rubber-plastic material might look dangerous but is actually soft and safe with just enough stretch to make it easy to slip them on and off your wrists whenever you want to. You can wear the barbed wire bracelets one at a time or as a group, or you can also blaze your own style by matching them up with other bracelets in different colours.

Barbed Wire Bracelets Look Great With Anything

Gummy bracelets are flexible and versatile, look good with any outfit, and easily can be mixed and matched with other alternative jewellery. Here at Blue Banana we have a fantastic range of epic punk rock and alternative jewellery just for you, including loads more barbed wire bracelets, pendant necklaces and chokers and brooches. Check it out, you might find that perfect accessory that youíve been searching for!