Stargazer No. 605 Crackle Nail Polish 14ml (Blue)

by Stargazer
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  • Style: Crackle Design Nail Polish
  • How To Use: Apply Polish With As Few Strokes As Possible, Leave For A Few Moments And Watch The Crackle Design Reveal Itself!
  • Colour: Blue
  • Volume: 14ml
  • Brand Name: Stargazer
With this Stargazer No 605 Crackle nail polish you can instantly give your nails a diverse style without the hassles of trying to do the intricate detail yourself.  The idea of this amazing invention is to blend two colours together to create a crackle effect that is perfect for the gothic scene, itís easy to do and only takes minutes. Created specifically for those of you who love your alternative trend, this Stargazer No 605 Crackle nail polish has an outgoing style and unique idea that will effortlessly get you noticed.

Mix And Match This Stargazer Blue Crackle Nail Polish With The Rest Of Your Collection!

Designed for easy application, this Stargazer No 605 Crackle nail polish is extremely simple to apply; you just cover your nail in a base colour and then put the crackle varnish over the top to create a wicked style for your nails. Its long lasting design allows you to pull off this wicked style for ages without the tacky appearance of chipping. Simple to apply, this Stargazer No 605 Crackle nail polish is also extremely easy to remove if you want to change your style; just wipe over with varnish remover and apply your new colour scheme.

A brilliant addition to our cosmetics collection, this Stargazer No 605 Crackle nail polish has the perfect emo image to get you noticed wherever you go. Adding a bit of diversity to your look, you can use this style for all events even when youíre just chilling with your friends. Order through Blue Banana and experience our high quality service and speedy, sufficient delivery that will get your Stargazer No 605 Crackle nail polish to you in perfect condition and in only a matter of days.