New Era Lava LA Cap (Grey)

by New Era Caps
New Era Caps

  • Vegan
  • Style: Unisex Snapback Baseball Cap
  • Fabric Composition: Cotton
  • Colour: Grey
  • Finish: Los Angeles LA Logo
  • Features: Adjustable Snapback Strap, Curved Peak, Ventilation Holes
The New Era lava LA cap is the perfect hat for looking great without trying too hard, which will definitely be noticed when you receive positive responses from your friends. It perfectly completes every casual outfit making, allowing you to look stylish with minimal effort, which means you wonít have to worry too much about your appearance all day. The New Era lava LA cap is the perfect addition to your collection and can be worn at so many occasions. The New Era lava LA cap is a hat that every woman should own, as the soft material isnít too rough on your head and the adjustable back will help you to feel even more comfortable.

Have a Look That's Hotter Than Lava with this New Era Cap

The embroidered LA symbol on the front of the New Era lava LA cap features a vibrant red colour that ensures you will be noticed in any crowd. The grey background of the hat helps the LA to stand out even further, as the simple colour encourages you to look towards the interesting label on the front of the hat. The New Era lava LA cap is a very popular item and never looks out of place no matter where you are. The LA symbol on the front is the logo for the baseball Los Angeles Dodgers, which is why these caps sell so well because they are a very popular team. This New Era lava LA cap will complete every outfit you wish to wear on a day to day basis making even the most casual of clothes look smart.

New Era Cap Sizes

Cap Size
6 7/8
7 7 1/8
7 1/4
7 3/8
7 1/2
7 5/8
7 3/4
7 7/8
Centimeters 54.9mm 55.8mm 56.8mm 57.7mm 58.7mm 59.6mm 60.6mm 61.5mm 63.0mm 64.0mm
Inches 21 5/8
22 22 3/8
22 3/4
23 1/8
23 1/2
23 7/8
24 1/4
24 5/8

Choosing the right cap to match your personal style can be easy but you might struggle when it comes to deciding on the perfect size. Fitted to uphold shape and stamina, size really does matter when it comes down to picking the one suitable for your head. A true New Era cap includes the brand label on the left side and has an individual manner that will draw attention like a magnet. Get the fitting that is designed for your head. Taking up only a few seconds, if that, of your time, take a supple measuring tape and wrap it around your head where the hat will sit. For your size compare with the measurements below and voila, you have a cap made to fit.