Blue Banana 9 Metre Telescopic Flagpole
Blue Banana 9 Metre Telescopic Flagpole

Blue Banana 9 Metre Telescopic Flagpole

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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For delivery on 25th May 2016

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  • Colour: Silver
  • Features: Telescopic design, hook in top to attach flag, 9 metre length.
  • Style: Blue Banana
Our Blue Banana nine metre telescopic flagpole stands proudly as our tallest flag pole in our selection. With this festival accessory, your festival flag is certain to stand above the crowd and will be easy to pick out if youíre footage of the festival. The telescopic flag pole has a stopper on each ends that, when removed, allows the flagpole to extend to its full nine metres in length. You can then attach your festival flag with a metal hook at the top and tie the other end around the pole itself.

You can fasten the Blue Banana nine metre telescopic flagpole into the ground by purchasing some of our flagpole stakes. Simply remove the bottom stopper of the flagpole and use the stake to firmly attach your flag pole to the ground. With this, you can make sure that your tent will really stand out, something you might appreciate when youíre trying to find it after a long day at the festival! So whether you want to get a patriotic flag or something totally unique to you, this flagpole is sure to get you noticed!

Purchase your own Blue Banana nine metre telescopic flagpole and youíll also receive out service and delivery guarantee, ensuring that your festival accessory arrives to you quickly and ready to pack! Not just for festivals, you can find your own uses for our telescopic flag pole and keep flying your favourite flag all year round. Our tallest flag pole, donít do anything by halves when it comes to leaving your mark!

If this nine metre flagpole isnít for you then you can look at our range of flagpoles and accessories for something else.