Blue Banana Skull And Cross Bones Windsock Flag
Blue Banana Skull And Cross Bones Windsock Flag

Blue Banana Skull And Cross Bones Windsock Flag

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
£6.99   was £7.99

  • Flag colour: Black/ White
  • Features: Fade resistant polyester fabric, skull and crossbones print
  • Style: Blue Banana
Windsock flags are a simple and easy way to show your support and enjoyment of a festival, so the Blue Banana skull and cross bones flag is sure to be ideal for those of you who love a little pirate action! The festival flag comes in a bold black and white design and has a skull and cross bones printed on the side. The way this flag easily catches the wind makes it a simple festival accessory that wonít get in your way or block your view of a great festival!

The Blue Banana skull and cross bones windsock flag is ideal for use at festivals and at home. You can hang this flag from your tent so that you can distinguish it when you come back at 2am, you can also wave it around to make yourself more distinct in a crowd, plus itís the ideal accessory for any of you who love pirates! Made of hard wearing synthetic materials, this windsock flag is suitable for using in all weathers, so you donít need the sun to wave your festival flag.

Purchase your own Blue Banana skull and crossbones windsock flag from our huge range of festival accessories and youíre certain to have a great time. At a reasonable price, this flag isnít just for festivals but also works as the perfect decoration to show your pirate style at home! And with Blue Bananaís service and delivery guarantee, youíre certain to receive this festival accessory quickly and ready to pack.

If this windsock isnít what you were after then we have a wide range of festival flags to really get you in the festival spirit!