Blue Banana CND Flag

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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For delivery on 4th May 2016

  • Flag Colours: Blue/Black/White
  • Image: Peace symbol
  • Additional Features: 100% polyester, approximately 30” x 49” (80cm x 125cm)
This colourful Blue Banana CND flag is certainly an item that can change the design that you have going on for your house and will replace it with a style that some may deem better. This flag is perfect for those people who wish to keep to a colour theme, with minimal designs as it only features 3 colours, and one symbol in the centre. The Blue Banana CND flag is a great way for you to show people what fantastic taste you have without bombarding them with too many colours.

The Blue Banana CND flag is a great way for people to show their support when it comes to leading a peaceful life without too much conflict. The symbol in the centre of the flag is to promote peace in everyone’s lives and hopefully avoid conflict completely. The Blue Banana CND flag is an item that will look perfect in your garden as that way many more people will be able to see it.

The blue featured on the Blue Banana CND flag helps massively to get everyone’s attention focused on the peace symbol. It will look fantastic at festivals, as the majority of them are designed to create peace through the use of music and this flag may be able to promote it further. The Blue Banana CND flag can and will make every person who sees it happier in themselves.

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