Blue Banana Pirate Bandana Flag

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Flag Colour: Red/Black/White/Gold
  • Image: Skull and crossbones wearing an eye patch, bandana and earring
  • Additional Features: 100% polyester, approximately 30” x 49” (80cm x 125cm)
The stunning Blue Banana Pirate Bandana flag is certainly an item that you should consider if you are looking to bring some excitement into yours and your kids’ lives. If your children love pirates and the culture that comes with it, why not get this flag to design their room the way that they will definitely love. The Blue Banana Pirate Bandana flag will surely make your home a bit more interesting and will definitely prompt numerous conversations with guests.

If you are looking for an item that will add a unique aspect to your house, then this Blue Banana Pirate Bandana flag is for you. It will look amazing in your garden on show to every person who passes by, wishing that they had thought of that first. The Blue Banana Pirate Bandana flag is of fantastic quality ensuring that you can enjoy your new flag for a long time.

This Blue Banana Pirate Bandana flag features a very detailed design of skull and crossbones wearing a bandana and an eye patch making it different from numerous other skull and crossbones designs. You can take this flag with you to festivals and either wear it over your shoulders or place it on your tent to keep out the rain in a very stylish way. The Blue Banana Pirate Bandana flag is extremely durable and will certainly withstand any harsh weather conditions.

This fantastic Blue Banana Pirate Bandana flag is a great item like many others in our festival flags range, so why not check it out and you may find something you like more.