Blue Banana Che Flag

by Blue Banana
Blue Banana
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  • Flag Colour: Red/White/Blue/Black
  • Image: Che Guevara 
  • Style: Blue Banana
  • Additional Features: 100% polyester, approximately 30Ē x 49Ē (80cm x 125cm)
This Blue Banana Che flag will give your house something that not many other people own, making you one of the most unique people in your street. It can go anywhere inside and outside of your house and will never look out of place; you can take it with you on the road and place it on your tent when you go camping. This Blue Banana Che flag will ensure that people know who you support; in this case it is Che Guevara.

If you believe that there is something missing from your garden, you may be right if you donít own a Blue Banana Che flag as it will completely change your design for the better. The flag design features the face of Argentinian revolutionary Che Guevara, in front of white and blue stripe next to a red triangle with a gold star in the middle. The interesting design that the Blue Banana Che flag has has never been seen before and will give you the unique edge that separates you from everyone else.

There is no doubt that the Blue Banana Che flag has style, but can you live up to that style, we at Blue Banana think you can that is why we are giving it to for a very fair price. It will look right at home on the wall in your living room or bedroom and we wonít be surprised if you receive a few compliments as well. The Blue Banana Che flag is definitely worth buying as you can take it anywhere and will never look out of place.

This Blue Banana Che flag may not be exactly what youíre looking for that is exactly why we created the festival flags range, so you can leave us happy.